On Afghanistan’s Plains is my debut book, telling the story of my experiences of combat in Afghanistan as a nursing officer leading teams of medics on the front lines. On Afghanistan’s Plains is available on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk as a paperback and in kindle edition.

Read me on Wattpad

At the moment you cannot follow me on twitter as I deleted my account after feeling that I needed to spend some time with real people in the real world.

Sitting Tenants is the first story in a growing collection of short spooky stories, some of which are true. You decide! Perfect for the long winter evenings. Read ‘Sitting Tenants’

Danger Close is a short, chronological anthology of war poetry covering the Balkans, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. Read ‘Danger Close’

Mesopotamian Interlude is a short memoir piece based on my deployment to Iraq with 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry Read Mesopotamian Interlude

Heroes: 100  Poems from the New Generation of War Poets features some of my Afghanistan poetry. Please buy a new copy to ensure that the Army Benevolent Fund receives a donation! Available on Amazon

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