Mentions in Dispatches

As publishing day nears, it is high time that I said a few words about all of the people that have enabled me to get to this point.

First and foremost, I have to thank my beautiful wife Lisa, who has stood by me through thick and thin for twelve years; keeping the family together while I was away on tours of duty before enduring the hardship of a husband lost first to combat stress and then to the task of committing this story to paper through poetry and memoir. If anyone deserves a medal, it is Lisa.

Thanks also to my lovely stepdaughters, Liberty and Tamsin have been kind enough to put up with hearing various renditions of poetry over the years and Benedict, my handsome son who still believes his dad is a hero. Benedict, we will have that glitzy New York book launch one day – just not yet!

Family aside, there are a few people that have been absolute legends, so I will name them here in no particular order.  Mary L Tabor, who unwittingly became my mentor after finding me on Wattpad and has been most noble in championing my work, giving sage advice and writing an awesome blurb. You can read more about Mary on her website here and on her wikipedia entry. Liz Madrid aka Morrighan’s muse has also been a legend in promoting my work, she is the author of the Loving Ashe trilogy, a series about a New York woman’s romantic entanglement with a British Hollywood A-lister. Liz’s web page is here.

Thanks to Liz, I found two brilliant people who were pivotal to the final stages of getting to market; James at did the cover design and Elaine Kennedy who took on the onerous task of editing my manuscript and did a fantastic job. When money was changing hands via bank transfer, the fact that the payment was listed in relation to ‘Afghanistan’s Plains’, caught the attention of the Bank of Ireland security department, who took some convincing that it was all about editing a book and not channelling funds to international terrorists. I hope that Elaine is not on a watch list as a result of my book!

Final mentions have to go to Wattpad pals Nat Bradford, OwainGlyn, Colm Herron and Thomas (5th Project) who have all had nice things to say about my writing and whose belief kept me going when I had moments of self-doubt and felt tempted to tear it all up and start again.

‘On Afghanistan’s Plains’ is released on Amazon and Kindle on 5 May 2016


One thought on “Mentions in Dispatches

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Barry! So happy to hear you found James and Elaine, and yes, I hope she’s not any watch list, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to order your book – even my hubby wants to read it and yesterday I told my Reflexology class about your book as well, after I ran out of memory on my iPhone (inconceivable, I know) to record my routine so I told them it was because I was making book teasers 😛 (Actually it’s because I never delete anything haha…but seeing 0 memory under “Available Memory” sure was motivation enough to clean my phone up 😀


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